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Hip Type Ped. Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Racelines TrackIT
72 B All Munky Business broodmare Dream Vacation Eagle Lane Lyndar Stables, Agent View
117 R Always A Law gelding Always A Virgin Lisbellaw Freeman Miller Jr. Lines View
73 B Amarillo Sky broodmare Modern Art Catcha Raider Ruddick Stables, Agent View
6 B Andi’s Alana broodmare Swan For All Its Your Deal Winterwood Farm, Agent View
74 B Angel Or Terror broodmare Western Terror Angel Falls Double R Farm View
75 B Apple Pie Hanover broodmare Western Ideal Arthroscopic Eden Standardbreds View
76 B Aries Conquest broodmare Arts Conquest Round Again Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent View
77 B Bestofbothworlds broodmare Cambest Summer's Soul Yoder Standardbreds View
78 B Betcha broodmare Cash Hall Sienna Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent View
79 B Bluebird Tizzy broodmare Kilowatt Fox Valley Tizzy Melvin Schwartz View
80 B Broadway Victory broodmare Broadway Hall Tag A Victory Brookview Farms View
81 B Busybeingdreamy broodmare Andover Hall Always Dreaming Troyer Stables View
82 B Cammy’s Heart broodmare Cam's Card Shark Hattie Daystar Stable View
118 R Captain Cully gelding Always A Virgin A Loskoz Bluegrass Winterwood Farm, Agent Lines View
96 R Captain Keen stallion Always A Virgin DGS Straighflush John R. Miller Lines View
83 B Celebrity Faith broodmare Yankee Glide Victory Slide Woodside Farm View
84 B Cincinnati Star broodmare Cincinnati Kid Easter Star Two Double R Farm View
85 B CQ Yankee broodmare Muscles Yankee Cindy Q Premier Acres, Agent View
97 R Da Bess Swan filly Swan For All Cashcow Volo Fawn River Stable Lines View
119 R Dance Obsession filly A Rocknroll Dance Where The Heart Is Winterwood Farm, Agent Lines View
86 B DGS Straightflush broodmare Blissful Hall DG S El Nina Double R Farm View
87 B Diorama broodmare Real Artist Halle Go Lightly Ruddick Stables, Agent View
88 B Dizzy Rizzy broodmare Ken Warkentin Crown Lavec Lyndar Stables, Agent View
3 SS Dover Dan (Stallion Share) stallion Andover Hall CR Kay Suzie Brookview Farms View
140 R Dude Included stallion Class Included Celebrity Faith Fawn River Stable Lines View
89 B Dynamic Lavec broodmare Mr Lavec Dynamic Design Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Agent View
90 B Farewell Streams broodmare Shark Gesture Everything's Easy Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent View
91 B Fiftyshadesofbay broodmare Armbro Deuce Damian Hoss Michael Weaver View
120 R Floaturhope filly Mr Cantab Hope Floats PorterProffesionalService Lines View
138 R Forca Barca mare Donato Hanover Asian Pageant Eden Standardbreds Lines View
92 B Forever Country broodmare Real Artist Spunky Gal Daystar Stable View
93 B Four Starz Glide broodmare Yankee Glide Armbro Smile Hoosier Standardbred Farm View
94 B Fox Valley Backoff broodmare Sportsmaster Assailed Sunburst Meadows View
95 B Full Tank broodmare Muscles Yankee Arenal Golden Acres View
98 R Fusion Junior gelding Swan For All Keep It Classy Double R Farm Lines View
121 R GD Justintime stallion Swan For All Playtowin Hanover Locust Grove Farm Lines View
19 B Gentle Artist broodmare Real Artist Misty's Mark David Wayne Yoder View
99 R Gentlemansattitude gelding Riggins Dreamlikeme Ivy Winterwood Farm, Agent Lines View
122 R Gotwuteverittakes gelding Bluto Raysofgrace De Vie Lyndar Stables, Agent Lines View
20 B Hit Girl broodmare Credit Winner Val Lee Woman Leon Bontrager View
21 B Hopeful Trust broodmare Quick Pulse Mindale Daylon Hopeful Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent View
22 B Hurrikane Queen broodmare Yankee Glide Just Too Cute Oakwood Farms, Agent View
23 B Hurrikanemamajuana broodmare Cantab Hall Simple Task Lyndar Stables, Agent View
5 R I Can Cancan filly Roll With Joe Hat Dance Hanover Winterwood Farm, Agent View
24 B Ima Yankee broodmare Dejarmbro Summertime Yankee Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent View
100 R Indiana Swan stallion Swan For All Belville Fawn River Stable Lines View
101 R Isittuesdayyet filly Class Included Luna Pier Marlin Yoder Lines View
25 B I’ve Got A Feeling broodmare Rocknroll Hanover Yankee Indy Slabach Bros. Standardbreds View
124 R J-S Allnitelong gelding Net Ten EOM She's A Screamer Jack Myers Racing Stable Lines View
125 R J-S Looney Toon filly Big Stick Lindy Lunar Toon Jack Myers Racing Stable Lines View
126 R J-S Perfect Cache filly Aracache Hanover Youcanifuwant Jack Myers Racing Stable Lines View
127 R J-S Power Chip gelding Power Play Off The Wall Jack Myers Racing Stable Lines View
128 R J-S Swanman gelding Swan For All Belville Jack Myers Racing Stable Lines View
102 R Jekyil N Hyde gelding Whom Shall I Fear Hit Girl Lyndar Stables, Agent Lines View
123 R Jesse Popper gelding Sing Jesse Sing Kingsgold Hanover Jack Myers Racing Stable Lines View
103-OUT R Just Like Fire-OUT gelding Jailhouse Jesse Glide Sally Glide William DeLong Lines View
104 R Kak’s Little Sis filly Rockin Image Gordjus Winterwood Farm, Agent Lines View
129 R Kak’s Rockin filly Rockin Image Gordjus Winterwood Farm, Agent Lines View
139 R Kandy King gelding Cincinnati Kid Kandy Angus Lyndar Stables, Agent Lines View
13 B Katie Rocks broodmare Pet Rock Real Lady Katie Winterwood Farm, Agent View
105 R KC’sprettygorgeous filly He's Gorgeous Cosmetician Kim Pluta Lines View
26 B Keep It Classy broodmare Yankee Glide Classical Girl Double R Farm View
130 R Kinda Like Kori filly Hypnotic Blue Chip Rock Me Santilli Winterwood Farm, Agent Lines View
131 R Lanas Desire gelding Real Desire GD Lana Diamond D P Standardbreds Lines View
27 B Legacy Delight broodmare Windsong's Legacy Bright Leaf Oakwood Farms, Agent View
28 B Leigh Ann broodmare Sand Vic Savannah Leigh John Bontrager View
106 R Lisa Fern filly Always A Virgin Honey's Luck Freeman Miller Jr. Lines View
29 B Love Scene broodmare Western Hanover Forbidden Love Winterwood Farm, Agent View
30 B Major Wedgie broodmare Art Major Thong Shady Lane Meadows View
31 B Massive Girl broodmare Muscle Mass Tommi My Girl Nick Malcolm View
32 B Meadowbranch Lulu broodmare Explosive Matter Meadowbranch Quill Fashion Hill Farm View
10 B Megaball Hanover broodmare Western Terror Mary Mattgalane Winterwood Farm, Agent View
33 B Merry Legs Hanover broodmare Balanced Image Mystical Princess Brookview Farms View
34 B Miley Jo broodmare Like A Prayer Crystal V W Lyndar Stables, Agent View
35 B Moon Rising broodmare Dragon Again Sun N Moon Newfound Stables, Agent View
36 B Muscle Amour broodmare Muscles Yankee Angelina Hall Oakwood Farms View
37 B Muscle Lass broodmare Muscle Mass Goodtimesstarthere Troyer Stables View
38 B My Hope broodmare Trainforthefuture Looks Like Dawn Lyndar Stables, Agent View
39 B Myherbal T Hanover broodmare Here Comes Herbie Mamtaz Hanover Premier Acres, Agent View
40 B Mystical Gypsy broodmare Bettor's Delight Under Your Spell Oakwood Farms View
41 B Northern Courtney broodmare Deweycheatumnhowe Pine Nut Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent View
9 B Novascotia Hanover broodmare Somebeachsomewhere Northern Sky Winterwood Farm, Agent View
42 B Odds On Cygnus broodmare Art Major Odds On Gobye Meadowbrook Farm View
43 B On The Cusp broodmare Camluck Headline Hanover Chapel Ridge Farm, Agent View
44 B On Your Feet BB broodmare Stand Forever Challo B B Shady Lane Meadows View
45 B Patsys Luck broodmare Camluck Patsy's Art David Wayne Yoder View
132 R Pebble’s Boy Rex gelding Pilgrims Chuckie Pebble Link Freeman Miller Jr. Lines View
46 B Play At Wynn broodmare Million Dollar Cam Confidentiality Premier Acres, Agent View
47 B Pompen Hapenstance broodmare Donato Hanover Trance Anthem Eden Standardbreds View
48 B Praline’s Image broodmare Rockin Image Fox Valley Praline Amos Schwartz View
14 B Quick Aint Fair broodmare Rocknroll Hanover Apere Hanover Winterwood Farm, Agent View
49 B Rainbowinthedark broodmare Bettor's Delight Lifetime Star Ruddick Stables, Agent View
50 B Realuhcamnation broodmare Real Artist Eternal Camnation Daystar Stable View
51 B Restless De Vie broodmare Western Ideal Trinketsntreasures Norman A. Miller View
52 B Reviewer broodmare Yankee Glide Royal Review Oakwood Farms, Agent View
11 B Riley Character broodmare Shady Character Rudalee Hanover Winterwood Farm, Agent View
53 B Rockstar Hill broodmare Pet Rock Uneek Delight Yoder Standardbreds View
107 R Rosey Time filly Time To Roll Spanish Rosey Lyndar Stables, Agent Lines View
54 B Sals Rockin Misty broodmare Rockin Image West Coast Yankee Lyndar Stables, Agent View
108 R Saltwater Gospel filly Bring On The Beach Winning It Ruddick Stables, Agent Lines View
109 R Sammonsletsroll gelding Time To Roll Sunflower Winterwood Farm, Agent Lines View
55 B Screaming Awsome broodmare Like A Prayer Twilight Time Martz Creek Farm View
56 B Seeking A Dream broodmare Kadabra Oaklea Ida Meadowbrook Farm View
57 B Sexpot Hall broodmare Conway Hall Spitfire Hall Hoosier Standardbred Farm View
12 B Shaky Hanover broodmare Bettor's Delight Shady Past Winterwood Farm, Agent View
58 B She’s All Magic broodmare Kadabra Victory Jewel Nick Malcolm View
8 B Skippin By broodmare Shadow Play Southern Magnolia Winterwood Farm, Agent View
133 R Skyway Fusion filly Swan For All First Avenue Keith Roth Lines View
110 R Skyway Leda filly Always A Virgin Lindwood Rosa Lyndar Stables, Agent Lines View
111 R Sleeping Judy filly Cherry Hill Park Northern Goddess Julie Rideout Lines View
59 B Sneaky Yankee broodmare Electric Yankee Sneakheravalentine Ruddick Stables, Agent View
7 B Southwind Pearl broodmare Muscle Hill Southwind Prelude Winterwood Farm, Agent View
60 B Speed For All broodmare Swan For All Soxy Kosmos Lyndar Stables, Agent View
61 B Stewardess broodmare Angus Hall Taking Flight Lamar Yoder View
62 B Strong Tea broodmare Muscles Yankee China Tea Winterwood Farm, Agent View
134 R Summit City Swan filly Swan For All Earls Miss Muffit Summit Pacing Acres Lines View
112 R Swan After All stallion Swan For All Lady Jane Hall Lyndar Stables, Agent Lines View
113 R Swan Cool Treat gelding Swan For All Naked Lyric Julie Rideout Lines View
135 R Swanind Fastlane filly Swan For All Casey's Lil Lane Lyndar Stables, Agent Lines View
15 B Takara Rose broodmare Always A Virgin Bolero Takara Winterwood Farm, Agent View
136 R Tequilas Jet filly Jereme's Jet Straightequilanite Diamond D P Standardbreds Lines View
137 R Timeless Virgin filly Always A Virgin Timeless Artist Freeman Miller Jr. Lines View
63 B Tom’s OK Lady broodmare Inquirer This Gal's OK Swiss Boarding Farm View
114 R Townline Adios filly Panspacificflight Fox Valley Adios Lyndar Stables, Agent Lines View
64 B Trapezius broodmare Muscles Yankee Darby's Miracle Brookview Farm, Agent View
65 B Twice Too Nice broodmare Valley Victor Watching Over You Lyndar Stables, Agent View
66 B Tymal Lux broodmare Kadabra Lexus Lulu In-Law Stables View
4 SS Uncle Peter (Stallion Share) stallion Cantab Hall Victory Treasure Cornerstone Stock Farm View
18 W Unnamed filly Uncle Peter Kirsi Hanover Winterwood Farm, Agent View
1 W Unnamed filly Dover Dan Legacy Delight Oakwood Farms, Agent View
2 W Unnamed filly Rockin Image Mystical Gypsy Oakwood Farms
16-OUT W Unnamed-OUT colt Rockin Image Novascotia Hanover Winterwood Farm, Agent
17 W Unnamed filly What The Hill Andi's Alana Winterwood Farm, Agent
115 R Velvet Joy filly Always A Virgin Marks-Mindy John R. Miller Lines View
116 R Verbosa Hanover filly Well Said Varbo Daystar Stable Lines View
67 B Virgin Girl broodmare Always A Virgin DGS Straighflush Fashion Hill Farm View
68 B Whybabywhy broodmare Padre Hanover Beechwood Miranda Hoosier Standardbred Farm View
69 B Windsun Line broodmare Triumphant Caviar T-Tar's Shadowmio Lyndar Stables, Agent View
70 B Winning Double broodmare American Winner Double Yankee Eden Standardbreds View
71 B Yankee Kelsie broodmare Muscles Yankee Gratis Yankee Ruddick Stables, Agent View